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Government Services
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Courier Services
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Substance Offices
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We began small and humble, but we had a big vision! Starting delivering various parcels and documents personally, simply by riding a bike.Not long after, we were able to purchase our first delivery vehicle and hire our first employees. Over the years we have served hundreds  of clients always maintaining the high standards we strongly stand by  such as unwavering commitment to our clients, professionalism &  timely completion of tasks.
Government Services

We handle all the necessary paperwork, make all the contacts needed,and finally deliver the finished work to you.

Courier Services

We offer variety Courier Services thats offer:  Banks Services, Government Services, Courier Services

Substance Offices

There is nothing we don't take care, from the furniture to the high-speed wifi, so you can focus on your business.

With us you can
Eliminate the time spent on administrative tasks in your Business!
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Walter Gropius 21 - 3076 Limassol, Cyprus
Phone: + 357 25-361333 |  Fax: + 357 25-362111

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Government Services
Courier Services

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